• MASA Foundation Weighted Donations Update

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    to ALL that participated in our Fundraiser
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    Region 1 $150.00 1.4 $210.00
    Region 2 $45.00 2.6 $117.00
    Region 3 $70.00 1.6 $112.00
    Region 4 $120.00 2.4 $288.00
    Region 5 $75.00 3.3 $247.50
    Region 6 $225.00 1.3 $292.50
    Region 7 $50.00 2.6 $130.00
    Region 8 $0.00 2.2 $0.00
    Region 9 $225.00 0.5 $112.50
    Retirees $425.00 0.4 $170.00
    Business Partner $25.00 0.4 $10.00
    GRAND TOTAL $1,410.00    

    The MASA Foundation raises funds to support the leadership development of education administrators through resources such as the MASA Professional Assistance Team, the MASA Mentor-Mentee Program and member scholarships for professional development activities. 

    Each year at the Spring Conference, the foundation fundraiser solicits support from our conference participants and exhibitors. This year, instead of a silent auction, we will be asking for donations to support the Foundation, and we will host a regional competition for the greatest amount donated!

    In addition to significant bragging rights, the MASA Region donating the largest amount will receive $400 to use for professional development and the “second place” region will receive $200 in PD funds for the region. In order to level the playing field, we will weight the donations based on the number of MASA members in each region. So don’t be the only person at the conference who isn’t sporting an “I Donated” badge on your conference nametag! Donate online or in person – before or during the conference. Your donation supports excellent leadership for our schools!
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