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    In January, 2007, the Midwest Leadership Summit Planning Group convened to discuss ways to provide school teams with practical knowledge and skills for moving toward implementation of effective and sustainable problem solving/RtI procedures. The first step was a remarkable one--the first Midwest Leadership Summit on September 13 & 14, 2007 in Rochester, Minnesota.

    Traditional models focus on student labeling or procedural compliance and have become increasingly expensive while student outcomes do not improve. The Summit provided school improvement champions with tools for aligning and using resources more efficiently with student learning outcomes as the focus, moving districts toward an elimination of "silo" models in favor of a unified system of education one might label "every ed" rather than special ed, general ed, etc.

    The Summit was a great success, but certainly not the definitive solution to this great transition in practice and orientation. On this web site, you will find resources to support you in your understanding and implementation of problem-solving models including Response to Intervention.

    Please bookmark and visit this site often. We hope to create a dynamic resource linking the educational community in the pursuit of school improvement and student achievement.

    If you have resources you would like to see posted to this site, or if you have questions/comments for the Planning Group, please send them to Mia Urick, Professional Developer, urickm@mnasa.org

    To view the 2007 Midwest Leadership Summit Handouts go to: Click Here