AS ADVOCATES FOR CHILDREN, MASA’s educational leaders will establish the statewide agenda for children, serve as the preeminent voice for public education, and empower members through quality services and support.

    MASA’s MEMBERS INCLUDE over 500 school superintendents, directors of special education, other central office administrators, and service providers such as instructors of education administration training programs, Minnesota Department of Education staff, and education district and service cooperative leaders.

    MASA WAS ORGANIZED IN 1907 as a professional association to represent the needs of school superintendents. In 1968, MASA was incorporated as a private non-profit 501(c)(6) organization with regional representation of its statewide membership. In 1986, MASA purchased its building at 1884 Como, a short distance from the State Capitol in St. Paul. As MASA grew and the profile of its members changed to include a more diverse representation of school leaders, the Association leadership recognized the need to restructure. 1996-1997 kicked off the new MASA organizational structure, with leadership representation based on four component groups: superintendent, central office administrator, special education administrator, or service provider administrator.

    BENEFITS OF MASA MEMBERSHIP INCLUDE programs and services responding to the professional and personal needs of individual members:

    • A Support of Network of Colleagues

    Member Recognition including the Kay Jacobs Memorial Award, Minnesota Superintendent of the Year, Length of Service and several other awards

    • Professional development opportunities, including two major annual state conferences, a national conference and other specific skill development workshops

    • The Leaders Forum quarterly Newsletter

    • MASA Website www.mnasa.org

    • MASA Jobsite   www.jobsitemnasa.org

    • Educational Position Statement, Legislative Platform and Legislative Advocacy at the state and federal levels

    • Legal Consultation and Support

    • Personal Contract Review Services

    • Life Insurance

    • Orientation for New Administrators

    • Continuing Education Units for Conference/Workshops Seminars

    • Special Email Publications on Current Issues

    • Representation on Task Forces and Statewide Committees

    • Access to Sample Documents, such as Policies, Handbooks and Contracts


Last Modified on January 26, 2015