A Message from Executive Director Gary Amoroso


    Whether you are new administrator or a seasoned leader, I would personally like to encourage you to become (or remain) an active member of the Minnesota Association of School Administrators (MASA). Our organization represents more than 900 educational administrators throughout Minnesota.

    To meet the individualized needs of our members, MASA provides a multi-tiered professional learning platform featuring a variety of conferences, workshops, and online learning. In addition to professional learning opportunities, we offer consulting and mentoring, legislative advocacy, and legal assistance when necessary. Most importantly, MASA provides our members with a professional network of colleagues.

    As one of the strongest voices for public education, MASA has a solid and collaborative working relationship with state and federal policy makers, state department officials and other educational associations. Together, we work to promote progressive ideas to improve our schools. MASA members serve in advisory capacities to top officials in our Department of Education and our organization has strong links to many of the businesses that serve public education in Minnesota.

    Our national organization, the American Association of School Administrators (AASA), is a compelling voice for public education in Washington D.C., and provides a variety of valuable member resources. MASA members who also join AASA enjoy the security of a $1 million dollar professional liability insurance policy as well as an enhanced level of legal support.



    Membership Options

    MASA Active

    $825.00 • Voting Membership

    A MASA Active Member can be any person who is a superintendent or central office administrator, in a public, private or parochial school system or regional, cooperative, or state agency. Membership benefits include:

    • Right To Vote
    • Right To Hold Elected Office
    • Opportunity To Influence Change Through Committee Participation
    • Opportunity For Networking
    • Ongoing Professional Assistance
    • Fall & Spring Statewide Conferences
    • Great Start New Leaders Training
    • Professional Development With Continuing Education Units
    • Legislative Platform And Advocacy
    • Representation On Task Forces And Statewide Committees
    • Regular E-Mail Communications On Current Issues
    • Leaders Forum Quarterly Newsletter
    • Weekly E-news Update
    • Access To Sample Documents, Such As Policies And Contracts
    • MASA Web Site With Access To “Members Only” Section
    • Online Access To Member Directory
    • Take 5 Executive Director Blog
    • Legal Consultation And Defense Protection
    • Executive Director Consultation
    • Personal Contract Review Services
    • $3,000 Life Insurance Coverage

    MASA Service

    $532.00 • Voting Membership

    A MASA Service Member is any instructor or administrator in a teacher or educational administration training program or any staff person in the Minnesota Department of Education. Service members receive all the benefits and services of MASA active membership.

    MASA Student

    $59.00 • Non-voting Membership

    A MASA Student Member is any person who is a full time graduate student enrolled in an educational administration program and is not eligible for active membership. MASA Student Members receive all publications and access to conferences at reduced rates.

    MASA Persons on Leave/Intern

    $171.00 • Non-voting Membership

    A MASA On Leave Member is any member who is on professional leave from a full-time administrative position, or who is serving as a full time intern.

    MASA Subscription

    $59.00 • Non-voting Membership

    A subscription only member is any individual or organization wishing to receive the MASA newsletter and weekly email communications. No further benefits or services of MASA are provided.

    Other Opportunities In addition to MASA Membership

    MASE Non-Voting Membership $161.00

    Permits you to attend all MASE meetings, workshops, and seminars plus receive all MASE publications. You must have MASA Active membership to qualify for this membership.

    AASA Membership

    Administrator $460.00

    College Professor $204.00

    AASA membership is open to anyone serving in an administrative position in a public or private school system.

    Active members may vote, hold office, and receive publications. Joint membership of AASA and MASA will enable you to receive a $1 million professional liability insurance policy and enhanced legal protection. (Additional information is available from AASA.)


    As always, should you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our office! (651)-645-6272/members@mnasa.org 

    Below you will find the
    2018-2019 Membership Forms

    The membership term runs
    July 1, 2018 - June 30, 2019



    Questions regarding membership?
    Please contact Deb Larson at members@mnasa.org
    or contact our office 651-645-6272
    Thank you for visiting our site!

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Last Modified on June 1, 2018