2020 MASA/MASE Spring Conference
    Location: Marriott NW, Brooklyn Park

    When: Thursday-Friday, March 12-13, 2020

    2019 Available Handouts

    Keynote Shane Safir

    Shane Safir Video Now Available on the MASA YouTube Channel

    Those of you who attended the MASA/MASE Spring Conference heard our keynote presenter Shane Safir present her work, The Listening Leader ~ Creating the Conditions for Equitable School Transformation.  Shane has very generously given us permission to share the video of her keynote presentation and we are very grateful to Lifetouch for the work of their expert videographer Brian Dellis.

    • Find the video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TylVgxMW9IA

      The video features the entire presentation, including the conversation prompts.  Use this for your own review and reflection, or for a group activity. Through the powerful practice of listening and an unwavering commitment to equity, we can dare to reimagine our schools as places of opportunity for every student.  This video will help you creatively tackle complex equity challenges through:

      Listening deeply and strategically to colleagues, families, and, students.
      Cultivating relational capital—the interpersonal currency that fuels school transformation.
      Addressing structural barriers, interrupting unconscious biases, and changing the conversation about equity.
      Fostering a thriving culture of improvement that promotes leadership at all levels of your organization.
      Here are some additional resources:
      •  Links for ordering Shane’s book, The Listening Leader: http://shanesafir.com/get-my-book/

    Chapter 1: The Transformative Power of Listening
    Handout: Persistence of Inequity
    Handout: Disconnected Data
    PPT: Listening and Leading for Equity

    Regional Presentations:

    • PPT: Region 3 Staff Development [Fenske, Heller, Schmidt]
    PPT: Region 8 Staff Development [Mills]
    • PPT: Region 7 Staff Development [Allen, Grover]

    Concurrent Sessions - Round I

    A Deep Dive into Data: Taking a closer look at the intersection of special education & data privacy
    Elizabeth Meske, Attorney, Ratwik, Roszak & Maloney, P.A.
    Handout: A Deep Dive into Data

    In Pursuit of Excellence: Strategically Supporting Teacher Growth
    Jessica Cabak, Dean of Students, North St. Paul-Maplewood-Oakdale Schools
    Kevin Sheridan, Instructional Coach, North St. Paul-Maplewood-Oakdale Schools
    Handout: Writing Example A
    Handout: Writing Example B

    The Big Trust Buster: Implicit bias and its impact on decision making
    Jean Lubke, Executive Director, Equity Alliance MN
    Paula O'Loughlin, Program Manager, Equity Alliance MN
    Regina Seabrook, Program Manager, Equity Alliance MN
    PPT: Implicit Bias

    Taking Autism to School: A student’s perspective
    Nemeh Al-Sarraj
    PPT: Taking Autism to School

    Concurrent Sessions - Round II

    Reimagine MN: What is it? What is happening this year? Who can participate?
    David Law, Superintendent, Anoka-Hennepin School District
    Christine Osorio, Superintendent, N. St. Paul-Maplewood-Oakdale School District
    PPT: Reimagine Minnesota

    From the Stall: The new frontier regarding personal privacy
    Kyle Fisher, Facilities and Safety Coordinator, Eden Prairie Public Schools
    Troy Miller, Architectural Focus Leader, LHB
    Amy Satterfield, Business Development, IEA, Inc.
    PPT: From the Stall

    Engaging Your Community in the Referendum Process
    John Huenink, Vice President | Director of K-12 Construction, Kraus-Anderson Construction Company
    Sue Peterson, Project Manager, School Perceptions
    Handout: Ten Tips to Help Plan Your Next Community Engagement Project
    Handout: Community Survey Sheet

    Transformation to Student-Centered Learning in a Small Rural District
    Nichole Abernathy, Innovation Facilitator, Warroad Public Schools
    Peter Haapala, Superintendent, Warroad Public Schools
    LINK: Education Evolving
    LINK: Knowledge Works
    LINK: Education Reimagined

    Concurrent Sessions - Round III

    Keeping Yourself Positive During Challenging Times
    Denny Smith
    Handout: Keeping Yourself Positive During Challenging Times
    Intro Video 1:2 minutes
    Intro Video 2:15 minutes

    Once Upon a Time, There was an Idea for a Building: The story of the life of a building project
    Stephen Broden, Arbitrage Managing Consultant, Ehlers
    Shelby McQuay, Municipal Advisor, Ehlers
    Ryan Miles, Senior Investment Advisor, Ehlers Investment Partners
    PPT: The Story of the Life of a Building Project

    Strategies to Increase Hope and Engagement with Students and Staff
    Mark Larson, Director, Hope Survey
    Steven Rippe, Director of the Hope Survey and Organization Development, EdVisions
    Handout: Team Cycle
    PPT: Strategies to Increase Hope and Engagement

    Addressing the Growing Epidemic of Behavioral Disruptions in Our Schools
    Ben Court, Associate Director, EAB
    Allie Patberg, Associate Director, EAB
    PPT: Managing Behavioral Disruptions

    Starting Out Right: The first six weeks (Culturally focused social-emotional learning curriculum)
    Melinda Crowley, Superintendent, Red Lake School District
    Sharon Kingbird, Red Lake School District
    Susan Olson, Curriculum Director, Red Lake School District
    Handout: Starting Out Right: The first six weeks