• MASA Fall Conference

    Each fall, MASA holds their annual conference. The locations of our fall conference alternate between Duluth and Brainerd Minnesota.

    Take some time during the fall to collaborate, reflect on the stories of success, the opportunities provided by a system that is accessible to all, and the great presence of our schools in communities across Minnesota.


    Dates: 2020 TBD

    Location: Madden's Conference Center, Brainerd, MN

    2019 MASA Fall Conference Handouts


    General Session with Gary Amoroso
    Video: Minnesota Grown, Minnesota Strong

    Richard Green Scholar Award Recipient Michelle Mortensen, Superintendent, Renville County West Schools
    PPT: Female Superintendent Perceptions of Challenges

    Polaris Award Recipient Jerry Ness, Retired Superintendent, Fergus Falls Public Schools
    PPT: My Story

    Breakout Sessions Round 1

    • Strategic Thinking and Agency as Drivers of Change
      Jason Berg, Executive Director of Educational Services, Farmington Area Public School
      No Handout Available


    • Comprehensive School Mental Health Systems
      Sue Abderholden, Executive Director, NAMI Minnesota
      Kristin Lofgren, Manager, Department of Human Resources
      Mark Sander, Director of School Mental Health, Minneapolis Public Schools
      No Handout Available


    • The Pursuit of Happiness: 7 secrets to a healthier and happier YOU!
      Tom Guetzke, CHO, (Chief Happiness Officer) Live Happy, Inc.
      No Handout Available


    • The Human Factor: Pitfalls in the management and use of technology and how to limit liability and misuse
      Anthony Padrnos, Executive Director of Technology, Osseo Area Schools
      Tim Palmatier, General Counsel, Osseo Area Schools
      PPT: The Human Factor


    • Improving Student Engagement and Motivation at the High School and Middle School Level
      Robert Metz, Deputy Director, Barr Center
      Bob Laney, Retired Superintendent
      PPT: Improving Student Engagement


    • Anti-Semitism in Minnesota
      Jeff Erickson, Minnetonka Schools
      Steve Hunegs, Executive Director, Jewish Community Relations Council of Minnesota and the Dakotas (JCRC)
      Dennis Peterson, Superintendent, Minnetonka Schools
      No Handout Available

    Breakout Sessions Round 2


    • Telling Our Story: A game plan for reputation management
      Ben Barton, Superintendent, Princeton Public Schools
      Janet Swiecichowski, Vice President, CEL Marketing | PR | Design
      No Handout Available


    • Community Engagement: Keys to referendum success
      John Huenink, Vice President, Director of K-12 Construction, Kraus-Anderson
      Sue Peterson, Project Manager, School Perceptions LLC
      HANDOUT: Community Engagement Survey


    • Literacy Excellence: Own it!
      Karen Burke, Vice President of Data Analysis and Academic Planning, Scholastic Education
      No Handout Available


    • What Gen Ed Administrators Need to Know to Prevent Section 504 Liability
      Laura Booth, Attorney, Ratwik, Roszak & Maloney, P.A.
      Christian Shafer, Attorney, Ratwik, Roszak & Maloney, P.A.
      No Handout Available


    • Leading While Female: Fostering pathways for executive female educational leadership
      Trudy Arriga, Associate Dean of Equity and Outreach Graduate School of Education, Cal Lutheran University
      Delores Lindsey, Co-founder, Center for Culturally Proficient Educational Practice; Educational Consultant, Center for Culturally Proficient Educational Practice
      Stacie Stanley, Assistant Superintendent, Eden Prairie Schools
      No Handout Available

    Breakout Sessions Round 3

    • Mankato Area Public Schools: A data dashboard journey through equity in public education
      Tracy Brovold, Director of Educational Technology and Information Services, Mankato Area Public Schools
      Cassie Ray, Information Systems Manager/Data Analyst, Mankato Area Public Schools
      PPT: A Data Dashboard Journey


    • "Hang on. It's my mom.": Effects of cell phones in the classroom
      Maree Hampton, Director of Strategy and Partnerships, LiveMore
      Katherine Myers, Executive Director of School Partnerships, LiveMore
      PPT: "Hang on. It's my mom."


    • Pathways to Teaching: Growing our own
      Margarita Bianco, Associate Professor; Founder Pathways2Teaching, University of Colorado, Denver
      Brenda Fischer, Dean of Education,College of St. Scholastica
      Bill Gronseth, Superintendent, Duluth Public Schools
      Jeff Horton, Assistant Superintendent, Duluth Public Schools
      Beth LaVigne, Assistant Professor, College of St. Scholastica
      Sumair Sheikh, College & Career Readiness Specialist, Duluth Public Schools
      No Handout Available



    • Renting Out District Space without Losing the Farm
      Amy Diedrich, Public Sector Specialist, Marsh & McClennan Agency
      Gary Lee, Deputy Director, Minnesota School Boards Association (MSBA)
      No Handout Available


    • Accessible Professional Development: Building stronger educators
      Camille Brandt, Assistant Professor, Bemidji State University
      Miriam White, Assistant Professor, Bemidji State University
      No Handout Available

    Breakout Sessions Round 4

    • Power of Your Employees: How to create change and innovation through effective internal communication and increased staff engagement
      Bob Noyed, Senior Consultant/Director of Strategy, CESO Communication
      PPT: Power of Your Employees


    • Voices of Tomorrow: Using student voice to change adult mindsets
      Josh Fraser, Principal, Brooklyn Center Public Schools
      Jake Sturgis, Chief Storyteller, Captivate Media + Consulting
      No Handout Available


    • Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion: Considerations for conflict resolution
      Regina Seabrook, Program Manager for Professional Development, Equity Alliance MN
      Sebastian Witherspoon, Executive Director, Equity Alliance MN
      No Handout Available


    • Keeping Students Safe: Legal issues involving school security
      Margaret Skelton, Attorney, Ratwik, Roszak & Maloney, P.A.
      PPT: Keeping Students Safe


    • School Improvement Plans That Work
      Dennis Cheesbrow, Principal and Founder, TeamWorks International
      Ray Queener, Senior Consultant, TeamWorks International
      Christine Wroblewski, Senior Consultant, TeamWorks International
      PPT: School Improvement Plans that Work


    • Project R.I.S.E.: Building a positive partnership with county agencies through cross-systems collaboration
      Andrew Almos, Superintendent, East Central Public Schools
      Terry Fawcett, Probation Director, Pine County Attorney’s Office
      Becky Foss, Health and Human Services Director, Pine County Attorney’s Office
      Resse Frederickson, Attorney, Pine County Attorney’s Office
      Stefanie Youngberg, Principal, East Central Public Schools
      PPT: Project R.I.S.E. - Cross Sytems Collaboration