• Brian Dietz 20

    MASA President-Elect Candidate

    Brian Dietz
    Centennial School District
    4707 North Road
    Circle Pines, MN 55014-1898
    Component Group: Superintendent
    MASA Region: 09E


    It is an honor to be nominated for MASA president-elect. With my past experiences, I believe I offer a unique perspective that will complement the work of MASA. I started my career in sunny Southern California as an English teacher, an advisor, and a coach. Soon after, my leadership career began when I was selected as a High School Administrator at a large high school in California. A few years later, I transitioned to a Middle School Principal position and eventually became Superintendent of Schools After 12 years of living and working in California, I decided to move back home to Minnesota I was named Superintendent of Waseca Public Schools and currently serve as the Superintendent of Centennial Schools Over my 14 years of being a Superintendent, I have had a vast array of opportunities that guided my development and helped me to see education and the world we live in from a different lens. I believe these experiences will help me to be a champion, advocate, and supporter of the entire MASA membership.

    Currently, I serve on a variety of MASA Committees and have chaired the MASA Executive Development Committee. I currently chair the Minnesota State University, Mankato partnership group (MEP) and serve on a number of nonprofit and community groups. I’ve worked as an adjunct professor in both the teacher and administrator preparation programs when I was in California and am currently serving as a Key Implementer Committee with AVID.

    As a leader, I believe in some simple standards of excellence that has guided me throughout my career. First and foremost is being a servant leader. I want my colleagues to know that I am there for them. Being visible, building relationships, finding the best in others, and working tirelessly to advance the cause of students guides everything I do. In creating this culture, I want everyone to recognize the strengths they bring to the table, their value in the organization, and the opportunity to band together and do great things for education.

    In the spirit of AVID, I also believe that having a growth mindset is critical to anything we do. I’m not someone who looks for the reasons things can’t materialize. I’m the one who continually points out the opportunities we have to truly make a difference. That happens through setting high expectations of yourself and for others, working collaboratively to find common ground and goals all can aspire to and obtain, and believe the impossible is possible through perseverance, grit, and determination. We all have first-hand stories about how this mentality ignites our passions and excites our learners. I want to be a small catalyst for others to feel that same spirit in all that we do

    Finally, I want to continue to grow our presence in this state. We all have incredible stories that define who we are and what we do. I want to hear and share the stories that shape and define our learners, teachers, and leaders and speak towards the passions we all have. The work we do matters and being a storyteller conveys the best of what we all do to promote education.

    Through the trials and tribulations of my role, I am so grateful that I get the opportunity to work with others in education. I value the support, friendship, and collegiality that MASA provides me. Please know that whoever leads you would be amazing. If you choose me, I will work diligently to tell our stories and advance the mission of this amazing organization. Thank you for all you do and I humbly ask for your vote.


    Brian Dietz