• Teri Staloch 2020

    MASA President-Elect Candidate

    Teri Staloch
    Prior Lake-Savage Area Schools
    4540 Tower Street SE
    Prior Lake, MN 55372
    Component Group: Superintendent
    MASA Region: 09W


    Video link to the YouTube Video: https://youtu.be/YM-lthm255k

    I am honored and humbled to be nominated as a candidate for MASA president-elect. As an optimistic and driven high school student, I made the decision to become a teacher because I wanted to change the world and I already knew at that time that public education held the greatest opportunity to make a difference. Thirty years later, with experience at every level of education, I remain optimistic; however, I feel more urgency than ever to improve public education for each and every student by collaborating with others to change systems and by supporting and developing adult actions and behaviors. I chose to be an English teacher to ensure all students had a voice. Thirty years later, intrigued by the responsibilities and inspired by the promises inherent in MASA’s mission, especially the expectation that our organization be the leading voice for public education, it is with much enthusiasm and focus that I ask for your support. I believe that my vast experiences grounded in my commitment to equity and serving others will advance the work of MASA to become even more inclusive, more unified, more relevant, more empowered and bolder in leading change and supporting members to meet the challenges we face in public education across the state and across the nation.

    Leadership Purpose

    My transformational leadership purpose, my WHY, is aligned to the MASA organizational mission: “I lead to inspire, empower and develop others to thrive so that we can create life chances for all learners through trust, service, authenticity, and love”. I operate out of a deeply rooted commitment to the foundational promises of public education and throughout my career, I have been steadfast in doing whatever it takes to

    increase student achievement and to prepare all students to reach their full potential. I have worked to broaden the scope of my influence over the years because of the inequities and inconsistencies I have witnessed and experienced in our schools. My goal has always been to work with stakeholders to create systems where quality instruction, robust expectations, and supportive culture is the norm for all students rather than a random act of excellence in one or two classrooms or school districts.

    Diverse Experience

    The content I have taught has changed over the years, from Romeo and Juliet to school finance and the tax implications of bond requests. The make-up of learners and my classroom has changed over the years from 8th graders and varsity athletes to preservice teachers to practicing teachers to administrators, board members, community members, and legislators. The roles I have held throughout my career have changed from teacher to college professor to principal to director of teaching and learning to assistant superintendent to the superintendent. The size and demographics of the school districts I have served have varied and changed over the years from 975 students in St. Charles, MN district to 4,225 students in Holmen, WI to 21,000 students in Osseo Area Schools to 9,000 students in Prior Lake-Savage Area Schools. What hasn’t changed is my commitment to positively shaping public education, to supporting the development and capacity of leaders and adults and to using my influence to benefit students and communities. As the President-Elect of MASA, I would be relentless in advancing our collective mission.

    Throughout my career, I have been committed to serving organizations that passionately advocate for public education. Within MASA, I have served as Chair of the Executive Development Committee, was a Region 9 Administrator of Excellence and have been a conference presenter. I currently serve on the Executive and Legislative Committee for the Association of Metropolitan School Districts and have been an AMSD conference presenter speaking on Reimagine Minnesota and providing a legislative preview. I also currently serve Schools for Equity in Education as an Executive Board Director.

    Commitment to Collaboration

    Relationships serve as the cornerstone of my leadership and through collaborative and effective relationships, I have supported and empowered others to innovate and provide amazing opportunities for students. I am most proud of the teams I have developed, the communities I have brought together, and the impact trusting relationships and a common mission has had on advancing opportunities, supports and successes for students.

    If elected, I would communicate effectively with all stakeholders and facilitate difficult and exciting discussions about how best to advocate for our students and school districts. I value input from others and have led the development and implementation of stakeholder surveys in multiple organizations. Continuous improvement and being responsive to the needs of stakeholders can only happen when their perspective is gathered and used. I would seek input from MASA members in order to learn what individuals and the collective group need to enhance the quality of our organization. My leadership demonstrates my ability to bring people

    together, build capacity in others and lead collaborative change that benefits student engagement and positive outcomes as we prepare our students to live productive, happy and fulfilling lives.

    Thank you for the opportunity to reflect on my professional goals and to seek this opportunity to lead colleagues around the state in our most important work, educating students. I would appreciate your vote!


    Teri Staloch, EdD