• Don't miss out on all MESPA, MDE, and MASA have to offer for PreK-3 Professional Development! This may be the FINAL COHORT of each of these opportunities.

    Over 200 districts have participated so far.. has yours? Is your district ready to better prepare your littlest learners and close the achievement gap? Becoming PreK-ready is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

    1. PreK-3 Principal Leadership Series Last chance to attend!
    Back by popular demand, PreK-3 Leadership Series is a comprehensive, five-day series supports elementary level principals in improving their school's readiness and the alignment of policies and practices across the birth-to-age-eight learning continuum. This series will cover a range of topics to help principals and their team members prepare strong PreK–3 programs in their schools. Over 125 districts have already attended... have you?

    This series has been nationally recognized and was featured in New America's Early & Elementary Education Policy Program: Principals' Corner: Perspectives on Teaching & Learning in PreK-3rd Grade and A Tale of Two PreK Leaders.
    Fee: $25/person per day. Build your team to suit the needs of your school!
    Dates: Sep 19, Oct 10, Oct 30, Nov 14, Dec 5
    Registration: Click here to register

    2. FREE Online Course: Building Rigorous and Robust PreK-3 Learning Environments
    This FREE online course focuses on communication and oral language development, and is designed to improve student learning, classroom community and the culture of collaborative inquiry in schools. Course content is provided by the University of North Carolina's FirstSchool program.
    Who should enroll?
    ALL Minnesota educators and school leaders working with students PreK through 3rd grade are welcome to enroll -- for free!

    Course details
    Course runs late September 2017 through April 2018
    Comprised of 12 modules on topics such as conversation, formative assessment, equity, collaboration, student communication in literacy and math instruction, and more
    Earn 40 CEUs!
    Click Here to Enroll & more info

    3. Building PreK-3 Systems: From Alignment to Coherence
    Don’t miss this unique opportunity with Michael Fullan and Joanne Quinn as they share their research and deep insights about improving schools and children’s learning experiences.

    This series is based on Fullan & Quinn's Coherence: The Right Drivers in Action for Schools Districts, and Systems. Superintendent and Principal-led leadership teams will progress from analysis to action, achieving coherence in four areas:
    Focusing Direction- Refine and monitor the district's direction while assessing the impact of PreK-3 strategies.
    Cultivating Collaborative Work Cultures- Build precision in facilitating collaborative work cultures.
    Deepening Learning- Assess the current district conditions fostering deep learning.
    Leading for Coherence and Mastering the Framework- Building a commonly owned approach and fostering leadership in the system.
    Fee: $200/person. That's just $50 per day! (Must register one superintendent or replacement per team)
    Dates: Oct 4-5, Nov 2, Dec 7
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