• Who Is Running for MASA President-Elect?

    in alpha order
    • John Cselovszki, Superintendent,
    Sleepy Eye School 

    • Matt Grose, Superintendent,
    Deer River Schools

    • Deb Henton, Superintendent,
    North Branch Schools

    steve sallee  
    Steve Sallee, Superintendent,
    St. Louis County Schools 

    It is with much enthusiasm and energy that I accept the nomination for MASA President. As I write this bio, I am seated in my office at St. Louis County Schools in northeast Minnesota, where I am in my third year as Superintendent of a district that spans more over 4200 square miles and includes four Pre-K – 12 schools and one Pre-K – 6 school. Prior to this, I served as Superintendent of Southland Public Schools and LeRoy-Ostrander Public Schools in southeast Minnesota …  in Southland alone for one year, followed by five years as a shared (50/50) superintendent at both districts.

    On a personal note, I am 48 years young, have been married to my wife, Shelly, for 22 years, and am dad to our 11-year-old daughter, Riley. We enjoy life on a lake in the small community of Cotton, Minnesota. 

    I am honored to have been nominated for this position and would appreciate your vote. I have benefited immensely from MASA over the past nine years, and would like to now have the opportunity to give back to this great organization. When I first became a superintendent, I was amazed at how accepting and supportive veteran superintendents are across our state. The mentorship program was tremendously helpful and I quickly learned if I had a question or needed help, it was available here. MASA has provided me the opportunity to be part of a sub-committee designed to strengthen its mentorship program and to serve on the legislative platform committee.
    During my educational career, I have proven my strength in the areas of developing relationships, building trust, creating a very positive environment for students and staff, and moving education forward to help all kids be successful. These accomplishments lay the perfect foundation for the position of MASA President. I work hard, love what I do, and enjoy the people I work with on a daily basis. 

    I hope to carry my skills, abilities, and dedication to the position of MASA President, if you, the members, give me the opportunity to lead MASA. I love this organization and strongly believe in its purpose. I would appreciate your vote and promise to help shape and influence the State and Federal education agenda, and empower leaders through high quality professional development, services and support, as stated in the MASA mission statement.