• "What We Are Reading" is a member service of the Minnesota Association of School Administrators.  AS ADVOCATES FOR CHILDREN, MASA shapes and influences the State and Federal education agenda, serves as the preeminent voice for public education, and empowers all members through high quality services, support and professional learning.  We hope this blog supports our mission of leadership and service by inspiring reflective practice and collegial conversation among all leaders.

    what we are reading Did you know that MASA’s book blog, "What We Are Reading" features 50 titles ~ and counting? The blog is a treasure trove of the latest, hottest books of interest to school leaders.
    No passwords needed, so if you want to recommend a book to your team, just send them the link.  You can review the titles below, and each is linked to its blog page.

    The blog has become a widely-used, wonderful resource for our members, but it would not exist if not for the work of our bloggers. Diane Rauschenfels has been writing the blog since April 2013, and has recently decided to pass the blogging baton to our next “Reader Leader,” Steve Malone, Superintendent, Becker Public Schools.
    We’d like to thank our bloggers for their commitment to learning and sharing their reviews and book notes for our members. We'd also like to thank Tracey Kubitz from Kubitz Educational Services for providing our books.

    Along with our book list below, please visit our "What We Are Reading" site directly.
    The following titles are listed by year read:

What We Are Reading