MASA Members!  During the month of May, enhance your skills while you enjoy your lunch!


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    Communications Lunch and Learn
    a webinar series presented in partnership by CESO Communications and MASA

    Great leaders are excellent communicators.  This May, CESO Communications and MASA are teaming up to present an opportunity for MASA members to build their communications skills for effectiveness among their many audiences.  Choose as many sessions as you wish.  Webinars are presented without cost, but you must register for each session you wish to attend to receive the webinar access information.  We hope to meet you online for these valuable sessions!

    Tuesday, May 12  •  Noon – 1 pm
    Key Messages and Message Development
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    Every communication with school stakeholders should include key messages in alignment with your goals and vision. But knowing what to say, who to say it to, and how to say it is not always easy. In this session, learn essential components -- the WHO, WHAT and HOW of effective school communication through the development of strong key messages that are targeted specifically to your identified audiences.  

    Wednesday, May 13  •  Noon – 1 pm
    Effective Internal Communication
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    Internal communication is the key to effectively communicating with all other audiences, yet many school leaders fail to recognize the power in going inside first. This session will give you the tools you need to turn school staff into ambassadors for your school and district and provide a model for effective internal communication.

    Wednesday, May 20  •  Noon – 1 pm
    Communicating For and Through Change
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    If the COVID-19 global pandemic has taught us anything, it is that change happens, whether we are ready for it or not. We should and can expect that life on the other side will never be the same as what it was before the pandemic hit our communities. In this session, you will learn strategies for not only communicating through change but also to communicate for change. Learn how effective communication can help to inform and engage your stakeholders so that they can help you lead the changes you need for your students and school.

    Thursday, May 21  •  Noon – 1 pm
    Communicating Hope During Isolation
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    Much of the communication focus in the past several weeks has been focused on negative issues like what is not going to happen. It's been necessary to make sure our families are well informed. At the same time, we need to recognize that the ongoing focus on pandemic-related messages can have an impact on the effectiveness of our communication. In this session, we will talk about why we need to shift our messages along with how to effectively move beyond the single focus of the pandemic.

    Wednesday, May 27  •  Noon – 1 pm
    Building Trust through Effective Communication
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    Trust is often challenging to develop yet very easy to lose. Trust is at the core of all communication and it is essential for leaders to understand how to create communication that builds trust and positive relationships. In this session, learn a simple definition of trust and framework that allows you to build and enhance trust as you communicate with individuals and audiences.

    Meet our presenters

    sbrott    noyed

    Susan Brott, APR, and Bob Noyed, APR, Senior Strategic Consultants, CESO Communications

    Both presenters have served as directors of communication for a variety of metro-area school districts and are experienced presenters and consultants.

    Questions? Contact Susan Brott, susan.brott@theceso.com, 651-245-5253, or Bob Noyed, bob.noyed@theceso.com, 612-325-2127