• Management Concerned for Public Education (MCPE)


    During the legislative sessions, MASA will once again be at the capitol representing YOU!  MASA is committed to providing an excellent effort of influencing lawmakers in the support of educational leaders. “It Takes All of Us” to do this, and we need your support.


     How is MCPE Important to Me?

    MCPE is MASA’s political action committee and is independent of any state or national political party. MASA’s regular revenue dollars (such as dues) cannot be used for lobbying, yet political activities are extremely important in influencing the policymaking process. Our lobbyists may have to pay to attend the various functions of the two major political parties, therefore, funds from the MCPE allow us to have access to our policymakers. Your participation in MCPE:

    ·     Strengthens the role of school administrators as supporters of education in the political process.

    ·     Establishes a liaison with other educational organizations.

    ·     Stimulates active participation of MASA members in politics.

    ·     Provides research and information on educational issues.

    ·     Increases visibility of school administrators and their specific educational concerns.

    ·     Facilitates communication about proposed legislation and how we can respond.

    ·     Gives school leaders a presence with legislators and legislative caucuses.

    ·     Supports materials on how to work effectively with the community, legislators and other policy-makers.

    ·     Sponsors direct contact with legislators and policy-makers concerning the impact of proposed legislation.

    What does Membership in MCPE involve?

    By law, MCPE membership must be outside of the regular MASA membership dues. MASA membership fees and other sources o f association revenue can not be used for political purposes. 

    Membership in MCPE provides you with:

    ·     Broad political support and recognition.

    ·     Information on the election process and on candidates and campaign activity.

    Any active or retired member of MASA is able to join. To become an MCPE member, fill out the form below. Your contribution is not tax deductible. For a yearly membership, mail $50.00 in personal funds to MCPE. If you do not feel you are able to contribute that amount, please give what you can.

    All MASA members should join! Help MASA carry out its legislative goals which can not be accomplished without YOUR support.

    * We encourage our members to contribute under the Minnesota Political Contribution Refund Program.  Minnesota voters who contribute gifts of money to candidates for state office or to a state political party are able to apply for a refund of all or a portion of contributions made during the calendar year. The maximum refund is $50 for an individual and $100 for a married couple.