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    June 6, 2008 -NASDSE is pleased to announce that two documents in its Response to Intervention (RtI) Blueprint series are available for free download and/or purchase of print copies.The two Blueprints, Response to Intervention Blueprints for Implementation: District Level and Response to Intervention Blueprints for Implementation: School Building Level, provide step-by-step implementation guidelines, resources and tips from RtI implementers with many years of experience. The Blueprints are intentionally designed to provide a framework around which RtI implementation can be built.The Blueprints were developed jointly by NASDSE and the Council of Administrators of Special Education(CASE). To download a free copy of the District Level Blueprint Click Here To download a free copy of the School Building Level Blueprint Click Here Print copies of the Blueprints are available for just $10 each plus a small shipping and handling fee. To order print copies, please http://nasdse.org/Default.aspx?TabID=446&CategoryID=20&LangID=0

    PLEASE NOTE that the final document in the series, the State LevelBlueprint, will be available in the near future.

    ◊ The Center for Promoting Research to Practice, as part of our federal model/demonstration project, Project MP3, has produced a video about RTI in partnership with WLVT-39, our local PBS station.The video is designed to be used as an introduction to RTI,specifically for those who are naive to the concepts. We are making the video publicly available on our project website. Currently, it is in REAL PLAYER format, my technical consultants here at Lehigh are working to improve the quality of the video. In the future, it should also be available as an ITunes download and in a format fo rdistribution on UTube. Please feel free to use the video in whatever way you find helpful. http://www.lehigh.edu/education/mp3/rti/rti.htm

    ◊ The MN RtI Center is pleased to announce that the following schools/districts have been accepted into cohorts for Coaching for RtI implementation. These schools will receive coaching support from the MN RtI Center through June 2009. The schools represent a nice geographical distribution as well as level of implementation. We are very excited to be working with these schools! Over time we will chronicle some of things we are learning about RtI implementation on our blog http://www.rtimn.blogspot.com/ This feature will begin in February. The schools/districts participating are listed on the Blog.

    ◊ CEC Publishes Position on Response to Intervention: The Council for Exceptional Children (CEC) recently published its position on Response to Intervention (RTI), which outlines non-negotiable guarantees related to special education and the role of special educators when implementing RTI. In its position, CEC insists that RTI must be a school-wide initiative, of which special education is an integral part, and that RTI must not delay the referral of a child who is suspected of having a disability for a comprehensive evaluation.
    Read CEC's Position on RtI 
    Click Here
    Read the Press Release on CEC's Rti Position Click Here

    ◊ Critical Elements Rating Worksheet for Evidence Based Reading Curricula (Edward O'Connor)
    Click Here

    ◊ Bob Wedl's paper published by Education Evolving:

    ◊ View NASDSE's resources
    We recommend ordering a copy of "Response to Intervention: Policy Considerations and Implementation"

    The CASE web site has some wonderful RtI resources http://www.casecec.org/rti.htm including some webcast video that is
    really great for a good foundation on the topic.

    ◊ Wonderful RtI links through SCRED: