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The mission of the 501(c)(3) School Administrators Charitable and Educational Foundation is to enhance the leadership development of educational administrators, to encourage and support individuals interested in careers in teaching or educational administration, to enhance the role and image of educational administrators, and to conduct research and provide information to policymakers anfound d the public at large.


The generosity of our members allows the MASA Foundation to award grants to individual members to further their professional development. These grants provide up to $750 to members with particular needs that cannot be otherwise met by their districts, allowing members to participate in conferences, workshops and training opportunities they may have otherwise been denied.

The MASA Foundation will provide up to 10 grants to members this year for professional development experiences that you would not be able to access through your district or that are unique learning opportunities. Grants can range from $500-$750. To apply, simply submit a one page summary of your intended experience and either mail or fax it to the MASA offices (651- 645-7518) or email Gary Amoroso (gamoroso@ mnasa.org), and the Foundation Grant Committee will consider it in a timely manner. 



Let’s Grow
Our Own


Let's "grow our own" leaders for tomorrow's schools. We encourage you to consider a pledge to the MASA Foundation to help Minnesota's education system continue to improve by developing the skills of our leaders. Click Here to join the MASA Foundation and champion excellent school leadership in Minnesota. Thank you!

The MASA Foundation is Proud to Sponsor:


The 16-17 Professional Assistance Program (P.A.T.) Brochure

District administrators today often face daunting situations and tough decisions with limited resources for effective support and coaching. The Foundation believes the 2015pat logo P.A.T program directly supports its mission of leadership development and individual support by meeting the immediate need of MASA members to confidentially discuss issues, seek advice, and receive valuable coaching from experienced and trusted MASA colleagues.


MASA Mentor/Mentee Program

MASA wants its members to be supported well so that they thrive and achieve success.  We believe that a strong mentoring program will support administrators new to their roles in building their capacity to lead their schools in student achievement growth.  MASA provides first year mentoring to any MASA member, regardless of component group, who is new to their role or new to their role in Minnesota.  The MASA Mentor Program provides resources to address your specific development needs.  We use multiple strategies, including guidance and coaching, networking, training, emotional, professional and social support.  For further information, contact your MASA Regional Leader. Click Here to view the 16-17 Regional Leader List


   16-17 Foundation Board of Directors

Dan Brooks, President

Jamie Skjeveland, Treasurer

Eric Williams, President-Elect


Eric Bartleson

Don Bungum

Rob Cavanna

John Christiansen

Marty Duncan

Peter Haapala

Deb Henton

Mike Hoheisel

Dale Jensen

Antoinette Johns

Jim Johnson

Lynne Kovash

Charlie Kyte

Janet Mohr

Fred Nolan

Jeff Olson

Allen Ralston

Diane Rauschenfels

Harold Remme

Chris Richardson

Charles Rick

John Thein

Rachel Udstuen

Ed Waltman