MASA Spring Conference Handouts

2014 MASA/MASE Spring Conference

Keynote:  Success in Instructional Leadership: What does the research SAY, and what do practitioners DO? Handout 1
presented by 
W. Alan Coulter, Director, School of Allied Health Professions, Human Development Center, Louisiana State University

Keynote:  The Role of Leaders in 21st Century Education Handout 1
presented by Valerie Greenhill, Chief Learning Officer, EdLeader21

Leadership and Student Mental Health Issues Handout 1   Handout 2   Handout 3
presented by Renae Ouillette, Executive Director of Student Services, Lakeville Area Public Schools and Laura Booth, Attorney, Booth & Lavorato LLC

School Financing 101 Handout 1
presented by Greg Crowe, Municipal Advisor; and Joel Sutter, Senior Municipal Advisor; Ehlers

From Theory to Practice: Saint Paul Public Schools Racial Equity Journey not available
presented by Michelle Bierman, Director of Equity; and Dr. Rev Hillstrom, Assistant Administrator of Equity; Saint Paul Public Schools

Turn Possibility Into Accomplishment: Renewing Your Commitment to Positive Relationships Handout 1
presented by N. John Borgen, Consultant/Facilitator, Borgen Consulting

A Better Way: Alternatives to Exclusionary Practices, Dropout Prevention Strategies, and Recoupment of Dropouts Handout 1
presented by
Charlene Myklebust, Director on Special Assignment; and Wendy Loberg, Educational Consultant; Intermediate District 287

The wRight Choice: An Alternate to Suspension Program Handout 1
presented by Scott Thielman, Superintendent; Mark Mischke, High School Principal; Kris Thompson; Assistant Principal; Buffalo-Hanover-Montrose Schools and Abe Abrahamson, Juvenile Unit Supervisor for Wright County Court Services

What Teachers Need From their Instructional Leaders Handout 1
presented by Jane Sigford, Adjunct Professor/Educational Consultant, University of St. Thomas, Sarah Lorntson, English Teacher, Mahtomedi Public Schools, Rob Reetz, Instructional Coach, Irondale High School, Mounds View Schools, Ken Friel, Teacher, Richfield Public Schools, Kate Rosok, Teacher, Minneapolis Public Schools and Michelle Reinke, Wayzata Schools

Leading, Managing and Succeeding in Tough Times Handout 1
presented by Jim Lukaszewski, President, The Lukaszewski Group, a Division of Risdall Public Relations

Creating A 21st-Century School District In Just Two Years: The Columbia Heights Experience Handout 1
presented by Kathy Kelly, Superintendent;
Bryan Hennekens, Director of Technology and Security Services; Columbia Heights School District and Betty Schweizer, Executive Director, TIES

The Principal Evaluation Process in Buffalo-Hanover-Montrose Schools Handout 1
presented by Pam Miller, Director of Teaching & Learning, Buffalo-Hanover-Montrose Schools

Clearing The Fog On Personalized Learning: Understanding The Core Elements and How They Fit Into Current Examples
Handout 1
   Handout 2
presented by Julie Frame, Executive Director; and Gayle Walkowiak, Specialist, Personalized Learning; Metro ECSU, Barb Duffrin, Director of Educational Programs, Farmington Public Schools and Catherine Gallagher, Director of Teaching and Learning, Eastern Carver County Public Schools

Back in the Saddle…But Riding a New Horse Handout 1
presented by Chris Gibbs, DLR Group and Doug Froke, Superintendent, Detroit Lakes Public Schools

2013 MASA/MASE Spring Conference

Educating the Knowmads Click Here for PPT
General Session: Keynote Speaker John Moravec

How to Help Experienced Teachers Become Experts Click Here for PPT
presented by Jane Sigford, Adjunct University of St. Thomas and Educational Consultant, Jan Frank, Chair, Teacher Education; University of St. Thomas and Rob Reetz, Instructional Coach, Irondale High School, Mounds View Schools

Leadership Qualities of Great Superintendents

presented by N. John Borgen, Independent Consultant and Facilitator Click Here for Materials

Lets Get Ready to Evaluate! Click Here for PPT
presented by Greg Vandal, Consultant, PEER*Solutions and Vox Liberi and Charles Kyte, Consultant, PEER*Solutions and Charles Kyte Consulting

SLEDS: An Extraordinary Data Source for Extraordinary Leaders Click Here for Feedback Sheet  Click Here for FAQ Sheet  Click Here for PPT
presented by Meredith Fergus, Policy Analyst/SLEDS Coordinator, Minnesota Officer of Higher Education

Our Kids Count: Trends in Special Education and the Spaces That Make a Difference Click Here for PPT

presented by Laura Keller-Gautsch and Mark Thiede, Associate; Justine Pliska, Sr. Interior Designer; TSP Architects and Engineers

Financing Equipment Projects: Options and Strategies Click Here for PPT
presented by Patty Heminover, VP/Client Representative; and Don Lifto, Senior VP; Springsted, Incorporated

2012 MASA/MASE Spring Conference
Keynote Speaker Annie McKee
         Resonant Leadership Click Here for ppt
Christine Weymouth, Jennifer Huling and Dan Pickens    
High Impact Leadership and Customized Student Learning  Click Here for ppt
Karen Orcutt, Ric Dressen, Melissa Krull, Jay Haugen and Dennis Cheesbrow   
The Superintendency Institute Click Here for ppt
Amy LaBarre and Rick Linnell
Continuous School Improvement and Instructional Decision Making:  What Every District Leader Needs to Know Click Here for ppt
Adam Fransen, John Christiansen and Shannon Pinc
The Next Frontier:  Greening Your Existing School Buildings Click Here for ppt
Christian R. Shafer  
E-Speech:  Legal Issues Surrounding Student and Staff Speech in the 21st Century  Click Here for handout
Nancy Gould, Julie Frame, Suzanne Riley and Lori Mack 
            Demystifying the NEW STANDARDS! 
                  For FAQ Standards Click Here
                  For Standard Insight Click Here
                  For ppt Click Here

Katie Berglund and Lynn Hemann
            Grading for Learning: A Fundamental Change to Grading and Reporting at the Middle School Focused on Supporting College and Career Readiness   
                   For Professional Practice Handout Click Here
                     For Portable Document Click Here
                     For Annotated Bibliography For Resources for Grading and Reporting Click Here
                     For ppt Click Here
                     For Parent Overview Click Here

Sue Benolken, Robyn Widley & Renae Ouillette
                  Together We Are More:  Interagency Coordination Click Here for ppt
Marnie Thompson, Susan Sanderson & Beth Berry   
                  TORCH:  Tackling Obstacles and Raising College Hopes  Click Here for ppt
2011 MASA/MASE Spring Conference

Keynote Doug Eadie -
Building High-Impact Board-Superintendent Leadership Click Here for ppt

Greg Vandal -
The Evaluation of Minnesota's School Principals, Executive Summary
Click Here for pdf

Jane Sigford -
IF...THEN Using Brain Research and Best Practice to Change Education Click Here for ppt

Jen Hegna, Jen Green, Jeremy Baumbauch, Rob Warneke, and Try Faulkner -
Bidding Adieu to Textbooks Click Here for pdf or

Kathleen Maher -
Improving Academic Performance with Physical Activity and Healthy Eating Click Here for pdf 1, Click Here for pdf 2

Fred Nolan -
Reflecting on Your School’s Current Professional Development, and Consideration of Effective Strategies to Improve and Deepen Student Learning Click Here for ppt
Bruce Miles -
Differentiated Communication Strategies For Community Members & Essential Groups Click Here for ppt

Jean Illsley Clarke -

Michael Smart, Jane Holmgren and Sandra Lewandowski -
Innovation:  Great Idea!  Now How Do We Do It?  Please visit

Bob Braun and Phil Sievers -
Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS) Overview Click Here for ppt

Ehlers: Gary Olsen and Jodie Zesbaugh -
Leading Your District Through Historic Changes in School Funding Click Here for ppt
Jill Eulberg -
Bullying, Cyber Bullying and Sexting Click Here for ppt

Carolyn Cherry -
Superintendents’ Perspectives on Early Childhood Education: Leadership at a Crossroad Click Here for pdf

2010 MASA/MASE Spring Conference

Keynote Tony Wagner -
Overcoming The Global Achievement Gap Click Here for ppt

Keynote Deb Gurke -

Community Conversations: Building Relationships in Support of Public Education Click Here for ppt
Keynote Greg Vandal -
A Reality Check - What Can We Bring Back Home? A Working Agenda

Greg Schmidt -
4-Day Week: What We've Learned Click Here for ppt

Diane Rauschenfels -
Are STARS, MARRS, and UFARS in the Way of Your Making a World of Difference? Click Here for ppt

Peter Martin -
Is it O.K. to Sign?  The School Administrators Guide to Reviewing Service Contracts Between School Districts and Third-Party Service Providers Click Here for pdf

Deborah Moorse, Josh Sumption, David Shepherdson & Denny Ulmer -
Sky's the Limit: Using Internet Streaming to Deliver Education Services

DeeDee Kahring, Carter Christie & Roger Worner -
Shared Services Study - Reduce Costs and Improve Efficiency Click Here for ppt

Bruce Miles -
Effective Educational Leadership is Not About Power: The Art of Influence

Paul Grizzell & Mary Ann Nelson -
For Big Picture Leaders Only: Ideas for Performance Excellence Click Here for ppt, Click Here for Organizational Profile

Fred Nolan, Kathi Sims, Teresa Johnson & Sharon Kipka -
Are All Your Teachers and Para's Proficient and Achieving Goals? Click Here for ppt

Theresa Meyers -
Strategic Planning in K-12 Education: A Balanced Scorecard Perspective Click Here for ppt

Deb Miller & Tami Schultz -
Venning Curriculum: How Universal Design for Learning Impacts AYP Click Here for ppt

Kent Schutte -
New 403(b) Meaningful Notice Law Click Here for ppt

2009 MASA/MASE Spring Conference

Don Draayer-
            Leading Through Tough Times Click Here 1 Click Here 2  Click Here for ppt

Jane Sigford & Cari Jo Kiffmeyer-
            Future-Focused Instructional Leadership is Not Optional! Click Here for ppt

Dean Fink-
            Leadership for Mortals--Developing and Sustaining Leaders of Learning Click Here for ppt

James Schmitt-
            Use of Outsourcing and Shared Services in Troubled Economic Times Click Here for ppt

2008 MASA/MASE Spring Conference

Renae Ouilette & William Dikel- Leading the Way in School Mental Health Click Here for ppt

Lesley Ernst- Supporting the Front Line Workers Click Here for ppt

Mark Wolak- Green in Schools Click Here for ppt

Ann Thomas- Mining the Child Count Data to Understand Your Special Education Population Click Here

Jim Schmitt- Funding Options Click Here for ppt

Jodi Davis- Discover Your Potential: From Authenticity to Action Click Here for ppt

Laura Booth & Sara Ruff- The Farmington Decision and Other Recent Legal Decisions Click Here for ppt

2007 MASA/MASE Spring Conference

Charles Ruebling & Frances Kayona- Redesigning Schools for Success Click Here for ppt

Leah Goldstein Moses & Rebecca Stewart- Collaboration: Developing & Building Effective Partnerships Click Here for ppt

Gary Woodward & James Appleton- The Challenges & Lesson Learned Integrating & Using Data Click Here for ppt

Ratwik, Roszak & Maloney- Censorship of Student Speech

Jack Fletcher- Multi-Tiered Reading Instruction Click Here for ppt

Charlie Kyte- Taking our Pulse...How are we really doing? Click Here for ppt

Gibbons, McHugh, Almos, Koepp, McLoughlin- Using Response to Intervention (RTI) Click Here for ppt

Lynne Viker & Stacey Kosciolek- RTI- Collaborating to Support the Whole Child Click Here for ppt

Don Draayer- Super Planning for Events and Nonevents