MASA Great Start Workshops

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Great Start Workshops 2011-2012
Session I  (July, 2011)
• Carter Christie- Essentials of the Property Tax Levy Process Click Here
• Jenni Norlin-Weaver- Non-Negotiable Goals for Student Achievement Click Here
• Jenni Norlin-Weaver- School District Leadership that Works Click Here
• Kelly Smith- New Leader on the Block:  Getting a Great Start Click Here
• Bob Noyed- Start with a Solid Foundation:  Communication Strategies Click Here

Session II  (October, 2011)
• Jay Haugen- Managing Your Opinion Leaders Click Here
• John Will- Funding Options for Minnesota Click Here
• Patty Heminover- Navigating the MDE Website Click Here
• Jeanna Quinn- Navigating the MASA Website Click Here
• MDE- School Bus Bulletin  Click Here
• Valerie Dosland- What You Should Know About Working with Legislators and the Legislature Click Here
   & Charlie Kyte
Session III  (January, 2012)
• Greg Madsen- Employee Pitfalls and Discharge:  Practice and Pitfalls Click Here
• Greg Vandal- The Question of Balance:  The Art of Contract Negotiations Click Here
• Greg Vandal- The Evaluation of Minnesota's School Principals Click Here
Session IV (March, 2012)
• Chris Bates- Ten Things You Need to Know About Curriculum and Instruction Click Here
• Scott Staska- Reflective Leaders, Making a Difference Click Here
• Bob Porter- MDE's "What If" Program Click Here
Great Start Workshops 2010-2011

• Jim Schmitt- Funding Options for Minnesota Schools Click Here

• Greg Vandal- A Question of Balance... The Art of Contract Negotiations Click Here

• Gary Amoroso- The Superintendent's Planner: A Monthly Guide and Reflective Journal September and October
Click Here

• Tim Palmatier- Employee Discipline and Investigations Click Here

• Gary Kubat- The Productive Board Click Here

• Patty Phillips- P. S. (Principals and Superintendents) Click Here

• Patty Phillips- Great Expectations Click Here

• Jack Almos- Getting All Employees to Focus on Student Achievement Click Here

• Tom Pederstuen- The Basics of Human Resources Click Here

Great Start Workshops 2009-2010

• DeeDee Kahring- Your District's Credit Rating Click Here

• Don Lifto- Planning Tools for Operating and Facility Referenda Click Here

• Chris McHugh- Response to Intervention (RTI) Click Here

• Bob Noyed- Start with a Solid Foundation Click Here

Great Start Workshops 2006-2007

• Chris Richardson- Setting Your Budget, Process, Timeline, Staffing & Decision Making Click Here

• Charlie Kyte- First and Ongoing Impressions Click Here

• Nan Records- Special Education Component Click Here

• Jerry Jensen- Building a High Performance Board Click Here