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The MASA Fall Conference
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MASA Fall Conference 2017
October 1-3  •  Duluth Entertainment Convention Center (DECC)

What is your “leadership story?”  Whatever leadership path you have followed, it has not been the same experience as that of your friends and colleagues.  Just as we no longer understand our students’ learning environments as classrooms with rows of desks facing a lecturing teacher, we no longer understand professional learning as one size fits all workshop and conference sessions.  Our professional learning resources have grown through the use of technology and expanded networks to present a myriad of philosophies and approaches, providing an improved learning system to meet the diverse needs of our leaders.  Perhaps one of the most critical aspects of personalized leadership learning is that we must build the infrastructure ourselves, based on our own needs and vision, and implementing the collegial resources among the members of our learning networks.  If we want to build a system that meets the individual needs of our students, we must address the individual learning needs of the adults who serve them.  Join your colleagues—members of your own professional learning network—this fall and explore how each of us can personalize our leadership learning!
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Available 2016 MASA FallConference Handouts
Keynote Speakers
Keynote Dave Weber  Sticks & Stones EXPOSED
Richard Green Scholar Keynote Jim Johnson
 Click Here for PPT
Monday Breakout Sessions

MASA Mentoring Program: What You Should Know  Click Here for PPT
David Thompson, Superintendent, Stewartville Public Schools
Scott Staska, Superintendent, ROCORI School District


So You Want to Do a Community Survey? Navigation Guide to Options, Methodologies, Features, and Reliability Click Here for PPT
Don Lifto, Consultant, Springsted, Inc.
Kelly Smith, Vice President, Springsted, Inc.


School Start Time Change: Experience and Recommendations Click Here for PPT
Ken Dragseth, Retired Superintendent and Executive Search Consultant, School Exec Connect
Chace Anderson, Superintendent, Wayzata Public Schools
Scott Thielman, Superintendent, Buffalo-Hanover- Montrose Public Schools
Keith Jacobus, Superintendent, South Washington County Public Schools


New State Funding for Site-Governed, Teacher-Powered Schools Site-Governed District Schools, Teacher-Governed School Grants, TeacherPowered Schools FAQ

Lars Esdal, Executive Director Education Evolving
Lisa Snyder, Superintendent, Lakeville Area Public Schools
Tuesday Breakout Sessions

Interagency Cooperation Enhances School Safety: Mobile Emergency Operations Center Click Here for PPT
Jim Hess, Superintendent, Bemidji Area Schools
Greg Liedl, Transportation Coordinator, Bemidji Area Schools


Listening to Student Voices Video Link, Click Here for PPT
Michael Lovett, Superintendent, White Bear Lake Area Schools


Engaging All Students: The Academies of Alexandria Click Here for PPT
Chad Duwenhoegger, Principal, Alexandria School District
Claire Anderson, Academy Coach, Alexandria School District


The Importance of Leadership in Digital Initiatives Click Here for PPT
Joshua Swanson, Assistant Superintendent, Eden Prairie Schools
Joel VerDuin, Chief Technology and Information Officer, Anoka-Hennepin Schools


Improving the Success in Searches, Interviews, Selection & Onboarding of Principals & Other District-Level Leaders Click Here for PPT, Employee Feedback Form, My Job, Your Job Worksheet
Bruce Miles, Trainer, Big River Group
Scott Hare, Human Resources Director, Shakopee Public Schools