MASA Fall Conference Handouts

leaf 2014 MASA Fall Conference

Keynote:  Creating Supportive Communities of Learning Click Here

presented by Joseph F. Murphy, Associate Dean, Peabody College of Education at Vanderbilt University


District Perspectives and Practices in Digital Transformations Click Here

presented by Joel VerDuin, Chief Technology and Information Officer, Anoka-Hennepin School District, Josh Swanson, Assistant Superintendent, Eden Prairie Schools and Tim Wilson, Chief Technology Officer, Osseo Area Schools


Show Me the Money: Holding Permissible School Fundraisers Click Here

presented by Jennifer Earley, Attorney, Ratwik, Roszak & Maloney P.A.


Collaboration through Technology: Bringing access to music excellence for students, teachers and schools Click Here
presented by Paul Babcock, President and Chief Operating Officer, MacPhail Center for Music and Martin Heidelberger, Superintendent, KMS Public Schools


Taking on the Bullies: Implementing the Safe and Supportive Minnesota Schools Act Click Here

presented by Peter Martin, Attorney, Knutson, Flynn and Deans P.A.


Rethinking Leadership for our Changing Schools and World Click Here

presented by Jill Johnson, Executive Director of Teaching and Learning, Wayzata Public Schools


Be the Voice of Education Click Here

presented by Olivia Gault, Communications Consultant, Education Writer

Collaborating with Central Lakes College to Help Students Earn an AA Degree via Courses Taken at our High School [panel discussion] Click Here
presented by Joe Nathan, Director, Center for School Change, Betsy Picciano, Director, College in the Schools Program and Jon Kringen, Superintendent, Long Prairie-Grey Eagle Public Schools

Rock and Hardspace: Addressing Chronic Absenteeism or Ineffective Performance of a Potentially Disabled Employee Click Here

presented by Tim Palmatier and Chuck Long; Attorneys; Kennedy and Graven, Chartered


Think Kids: Creating Space for Community Conversations Click Here

presented by Bill Gronseth, Superintendent, Duluth Schools


Transforming Student Learning in a 1-1 Environment Click Here

presented by Keith Ryskoski, Executive Director of Labor Negotiations and Personal Services, Elk River Area School District, Randi Anderson, Director of Personalized Learning, Eden Prairie Schools and Andrew Baldwin, Director of Technology, Farmington Area Schools

leaf 2013 MASA Fall Conference

Implementation Science: Bringing our Innovations to Scale Click Here
presented by Michelle A. Duda, Associate Director, National Implementation Research Network, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Traveling the Neural Super Highway: Neuroscience and Early Reading Instruction Click Here
presented by Mary Eret, Sales Consultant, Rowland Reading Foundation


The Next Generation Classroom Click Here

presented by Klint Willert, Superintendent, Marshall Public Schools


Innovate, Inspire and Involve Using Online Professional Development Click Here

presented by Lyle Taipale, Professional Development Consultant, Whitewater Learning


System Structures and Routines to Support College and Career Readiness for ALL Students Click Here

presented by Diane Jensen, Technical Support Coach; and EdO’Connor, Technical Support Coordinator and Data Coach; Midwest Instructional Leadership Council


Student Mental Health: An Essential Guide for School Administrators Click Here

presented by William Dikel, Independent Consulting Child andAdolescent Psychiatrist


The Learning Connection: Creating the Conditions that Optimize Instruction Click Here
presented by Donna Hardie, Children's Health and Fitness Initiative, Sanford Health and Deb Loy, Director, School Health Programs, Minnesota Department of Education


Intensive Reading/Wolves Click Here

presented by Judy Maaninga, 3rd Grade Teacher, Menahga Public Schools, Julie Steinkraus, Retired 6th Grade Teacher, Becker Public Schools


Increasing Performance & Accountability of Principals, District Cabinet Members & Supervisors Click Here

presented by Bruce Miles, Consultant, Big River Group


Insights and Implications: Mining Data from Scientific, Random-Sample Surveys Click Here

presented by Don Lifto, Senior Vice President; and Chris Deets, Consultant; Springsted Incorporated

leaf 2012 MASA Fall Conference

Know... NO! Know... Click Here
presented by Jinger A. Gustafson, Associate Superintendent of Middle Schools, Anoka-Hennepin School District, Educational Service Center and Jennifer Cherry, Title IX Coordinator

Move Where? Understanding the Drivers of Radical Renovation Click Here
presented by David Maroney, Partner and Tom Tapper, Senior Educational Planner, ATS&R Planners/Architects/Engineers

Helping Your Board With Vision & Your Admin With Innovation Click Here
presented by Bruce Miles, Owner, Big River Group

No More House Calls: Defining the Role of Medical Providers in the School Setting Click Here
presented by Nancy E. Blumstein, Attorney and Christian R. Shafer, Attorney, Ratwik, Roszak & Maloney, P.A.

Creating “Beat the Odds” Leaders: It’s Happening in Minnesota through the Minnesota Principal Academy Click Here
presented by Alice Seagren, Consultant and Mischelle Handley, Member, National Institute for School Leadership

Students and Their Phones: An Examination of Legal Issues Posed by Student Cell Phone Use Click Here
presented by Tim Palmatier, Shareholder, Kennedy & Graven

Futuristic Salon
presented by Jane L. Sigford, Adjunct Professor UST, Educational Consultant

A Conversation on Sir Ken Robinson’s: Bring on the Learning Revolution Click Here
A Conversation on Chris Anderson’s - How web video powers global innovation Click Here
A Conversation on Sugata Mitra’s - Child Driven Education Click Here

leaf 2011 MASA Fall Conference

Royce Holladay, Human Systems Dynamics Institute- Adaptive Capacity:  The Path to the Future Click Here

Ken Dragseth, Partner, School Exec Connect- Getting That Superintendent Vacancy Click Here

• Joseph McErlane, President and Heidi Gunn, Medical Director, NeoPath Health- On-site Clinics Click Here

• John Messelt, Cambridge Strategic Services- Accountability with Flexibility for Creativity Click Here

Bruce Miles, Owner, CEO, Big River Group- Waaay More Effective Superintendent Evaluation & Board Relations Click Here

• Gary Amoroso, Executive Director, MASA- The 95-5 Dilemma Click Here

Betty Preus, Associate Professor, College of St. Scholastica- How School Leaders Created a Culture of Rigor and Respect Click Here for Handout 1, Click Here for Handout 2

• Steve Pumper, Vice President, PMA Financial Network, Inc.Cash Flow Borrowing - What the Superintendent Needs to Know Click Here

Allen Ralston, Superintendent, Clearbrook-Gonvick Schools- STEM and Project Lead the Way: The Track to 21st Century School Innovation Click Here

• Jim Sheehan and Ann Thomas, Election Planning Click Here

• Mark Robinson and Betty Schwiezer, TIES-  Empowering the 21st Century Superintendent Click Here

leaf 2010 MASA Fall Conference

• Dr. Mary Ann Nelson - An Exploratory Study of... School Board-Superintendent Relationships in Minnesota
  1. For Dr. Nelson's Survey Click Here
  2. For Dr. Nelson's PowerPoint Click Here
  3. For Dr. Nelson's 7-page Executive Summary Click Here
  4. For Dr. Nelson's 42-page Executive Summary Click Here
• Dr. Jane L. Sigford - Top 10... Things educational leaders need to know about Curriculum and Instruction Click Here

• Dr. Don Helmstetter - Building and Nurturing a Great Relationship with Your School Board Click Here 

• Dr. Michael Lovett - The Art and Science of Partnerships
  1. For Dr. Lovett's ppt Click Here
  2. For the Partnerships flyer Click Here
• Dr. Kay Worner - Success in the Superintendency: Tips and Advice
  1. For Dr. Worner's Handout Click Here
  2. For Dr. Worner's Powerpoint  Click Here
  3. To purchase Dr. Worner's book go to:
• Dr. Jeff Ronneberg, Carter Christie, and Ms. DeeDee Kahring - Organizational Management Studies: Benchmarking for Quality and Efficiency Click Here

• Mr. Tim Palmatier and Ms. Penny Marshall - NCLB School Improvement Provisions Click Here

• Dr. Romain Dallemand - International Achievement Gap, Our Students, Our Future Click Here

• Dr. Bruce Miles - Making it all Happen: The Art of Execution

  1. For Dr. Miles's Handouts Click Here 
  2. My Job, Your Job Click Here
  3. For Dr. Miles's ppt Click Here

• Dr. Gayla Holmgren - Systemic and Sustainable District Improvement Click Here

• Mr. Paul Carlson and Ms. Trish Perry - Breaking Ranks: Strategies for Leading Reform Click Here

• Ms. Paige McNeal - 403(b) Compliance - What to Expect If You Are Audited Click Here

leaf 2009 MASA Fall Conference

• Donna Walker Tileston- Our Students, Our Future Click Here

• Karen Seashore Louis- Strong Cultures and School Improvement Click Here
• Ken Dragseth, Antoinette Johns, Bob Ostlund- Interviewing Techniques and the Successful Search for a Superintendent Position
   Click Here

• Greg Schmidt- 4-day School Week: One Year Later - What We've Learned Click Here

• Jennifer Earley- Effective Hiring Practices Click Here

• Jess Hinrichs- Is the Policy Governance Model a Better Way to Govern School Boards? Click Here

• Jerry Ness- Superintendent Communications - Shaping a Positive Message for Your District Click Here

• David Maroney- Parental Involvement, Shared Leadership, Building Community - Minnesota’s Promise in Difficult Times Click Here

• Margaret S. Skelton- The ABCs of the ADAAA Click Here

• Bob Wedl- Site-Governed Schools: New Schools for Students - New Options for Teachers Click Here 1  Click Here 2

• Bruce Miles- Getting Everybody on the Same Page re: Co-Curriculars Click Here 1  Click Here 2

• Tim Palmatier- Addressing Chronic Absenteeism Under the New ADA and FMLA Click Here

• Designation Notice Click Here
• Notice of Eligibility and Rights & Responsibilities Click Here
• Certification of Health Care Provider for Family Member's Serious Health Condition Click Here
• Certification of Health Care Provider for Employee's Serious Health Condition Click Here

leaf 2008 MASA Fall Conference

• Beth Graham- Alliance for a Healthier Generation Click Here

• Bruce Miles- Let's Put the Fun Back in Dysfunction Click Here

• Don Kreye & Todd Netzke- Strategic and Cost Savings Advantages Click Here

• Margaret S. Skelton- Lessons Learned from Litigation Discrimination Click Here

leaf 2007 MASA Fall Conference

• Kent Pekel- The Quest for College Material Click Here

• David Pearce Snyder- The Impact Wheel Click Here

• David Pearce Snyder- Schooling Young Americans for Life in Revolutionary Times Click Here

• Ann Casey- Response to Intervention (RTI), Tools for Superintendents Click Here

• Phil Sievers, Renae Ouillette- Autism Spectrum Disorders: Where are we in 2007? Click Here

• Jean Haar, Jerry Robicheau, Janet Mohr, Bruce Miles, Mia Urick- Create a Vision & Lead Change Click Here