Back-to-School Leadership Conference

2014 Back-to-School Leadership Conference Handouts
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MDE - Reimbursement, Billing, Reducing Burdens
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Collaboration as an Accelerator of Innovation and Learning
with Cristóbal Cobo
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Career and College Pathways, Dual Credit and PSEO

with Paula Palmer, Director Of College And Career Success, MDE
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Shaping Your Future: Mike

Thinking about life after high school? Shaping Your Future is a brand new video series featuring real Minnesotans talking about the importance of higher education.

Meet Mike. He is 18 years old and attends Central Lakes College. Mike is a Dakota and Ojbwe, although not enrolled in a tribe. His parents have always been encouraging, telling him that he can do anything he wanted. He wants to get as much education as he can. Mike previously struggled with organizational skills, but since attending college has improved his focus. He says being in college makes him feel like he is in control of his own life.

Success in the New Economy

Citrus College supported the production of “Success in the New Economy” to help a broader audience begin to understand preparation today for tomorrow’s labor market realities. The end result is a compelling case for students to explore career choices early, make informed decisions when declaring their college education goal, and to consider technical skill acquisition, real-world application and academics (career technical programs) in tandem with a classic education. This balanced approach to life and learning results in a well-educated and employed workforce.

Leveraging his expertise in higher education and Career & Technical Education, Kevin Fleming adapted conference presentations and research to create this data-driven explanation. And award winning film creator and producer Brian Y. Marsh brought the data to life through animation.

New English Learner Education Legislation
with Elia Bruggeman, Assistant Commissioner, Assistant Commissioner; and
Leigh Schleicher, Supervisor Of Student Support Federal Of Programs; MDE
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Safe and Supportive Schools
with Rose Hermodson,
Assistant Commissioner,
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2014-2015 Testing Schedule Explained

with Jennifer Dugan, Director of Student Testing and Assessment; and Kevin McHenry, Assistant Commissioner; MDE
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ESEA Flexibility Waiver & 2017 Achievement Gap Goal

with Stephanie Graff, MMR ESEA Flex Coordinator, MDE
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Accountability 2.0 and the World’s Best Workforce

Steve Dibb, Deputy Commissioner; Paula Palmer, Director of Career and Technical Education; and Bobbie Burnham, Deputy Director; MDE
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General Session: Finance
Tom Melcher, Minnesota Department of Education School Finance Director, MDE
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Global:  What are our next steps for developing this collective capacity for “our community?”

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Local:  What are our boldest visions for positive education futures in Minnesota?  Lead by MASA Region 1 (Rochester Area)

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The Finnish Education Model
with Jaana Palojärvi is the Director for International Relations at the Ministry of Education and Culture of Finland
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2013 Back-to-School Conference Handouts

Region 1

Collaborative Arrangements Between School Districts and Higher Education for Dual Credit Programming  Click Here | Click Here for ppt

presented by Steve Sallee, Superintendent, Southland/Leroy-Ostrander Public Schools, and John McDonald, Superintendent, Kingsland Public Schools

Region 2

Connecting The Dots: Students • Learning • Standards Click Here for ppt

presented by Nancy Moore and Kevin Schneider; Co-Curriculum Directors
and John Cselovszki, Superintendent; Sleepy Eye Public School


Region 3

The Next Generation Classroom Click Here for ppt

presented by Klint Willert, Superintendent, Marshall Public Schools


Region 4

Communication Tips for the Superintendent Click Here

presented by Jerry Ness, Superintendent, Fergus Falls Public Schools


Region 5

               Innovative Teacher Instruction, Beginning with New Teachers Click Here
               presented by Meg Litts, Asst. Leader of Ed Services, NJPA and Rynell Schock, Ed Specialist, NJPA

Region 6

Social Media Supports Social Learning Click Here for ppt

presented by Cori Reynolds, Director of Community Education/Gifted/Talented Program, Foley Public Schools

MASE Click Here for ppt
Silos to Systems ~ a New Vision for Instruction in Minnesota
presented by Cherie Johnson, MASE President-Elect and Executive Director, Goodhue Cty Education District

Breakout Sessions:

               Creating Successful Early Learning and All-day Kindergarten Programs
               Click Here for Effective Early Care | Click Here for Quality Infant-Toddler Programs | Click Here for Framework            
               presented by Melvin Carter, Director, Office of Early Learning; and Bobbie Burnham, Deputy Director, Office of Early Learning; MDE


               Accountability 2.0 and the World’s Best Workforce -What does it mean? Click Here for Accountability 2.0
               presented by Steve Dibb, Assistant Commissioner; Anne Parks,Equity & Innovation; MDE


               Replicating High Performing Schools in Closing the Achievement Gap
               Click Here for Replicating High Performing Schools in Closing the Achievement Gap
               presented by Stephanie Graff, School Support; and Cindy Murphy,Director, Charter Schools; MDE 

General Session:


               Student Assessment Click Here for ppt
               presented by Brenda Cassellius, Commissioner; and Jennifer Dugan, Director, Student Testing and Assessment; MDE


               Minnesota Early Indicator and Response System (MEIRS) Click Here
               presented by Cammy Lehr, Dropout Prevention, MDE


               Finance Update Click Here for ppt
               presented by Tom Melcher, Director, School Finance, MDE 


2011 Back-to-School Conference Handouts

• Better Schools for a Better Minnesota Click Here

• Educator Licensing Update Click Here

• K-12 Budget and Policy Overview 2011 Click Here

• Summary of Bullying in Minnesota Schools Click Here

• Summary of Agreement on E-12 Spending Click Here

• Quality Compensation (Q-Comp) 2011 - 2012 School Year Click Here

• Assessment and Accountability 2010 - 2011 and 2011 - 2012 School Years Click Here

• Reading Well by 3rd Grade Click Here

2010 Back-to-School Conference

Keynote Speaker David Byer,Senior Manager, Education Leadership and Policy, Apple, Inc.
- If you are interested in David Byer's handout, please contact him via email:

• Tom Melcher, MDE - School Finance Update Click Here

• Karen Balmer, Board of Teaching and John Melick, MDE - 2010-2011 Educator Licensing Updates Melick ppt Click Here   Balmer ppt Click Here
• Christine Weigel, MDE and Jennifer Alexander, MDE - Reporting Requirements and Investigation Process Reporting Form Click Here    Brochure Click Here

• Sally Wherry, MDE, Sharon Peck, MDE and John Weisser, Bloomington Schools - Online Learning: Programs and Instruction for the 21st Century Click Here

• Sally Wherry, MDE - College and Career Readiness: Are your Students Prepared? Click Here