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AASA Distingquished Service Award

Background Information
At its annual winter convention, AASA presents Distinguished Service Awards to retired members who have exhibited leadership ability and who have enhanced school administration in America. Recipients of the award shall be named on the recommendation of a special judging committee at the November meeting of the executive committee from nominations submitted by the AASA Advisory Council, members of the executive committee, and presidents and executives of state associations of school administrators, or AASA members who request an opportunity to submit nominations.

Selection Criteria
In the performance of their duties as school administrators, recipients should have brought honor to themselves, their colleagues, and their profession.
  • Recipients must have rendered exemplary service to their state or national professional association.
  • Recipients must have made significant contributions in the field of education through assignments, writings, or other activities.
  • Recipients must have ten years of membership in AASA prior to their nomination. Service need not be consecutive or in active status at the time of recognition.
  • Recipients must be retired from a full time position prior to the calendar year the award is presented.
Note: When determining whether or not an individual should be nominated, you are advised not to nominate someone just because the person is a good administrator, professor, president, etc., or has lived a long time. The person might be all of these, but in addition should have made significant contributions in education at the local, regional, state, and national levels.

Selection Procedure

  • A notice along with an appropriate form requesting nominations shall be sent to members of the AASA Advisory Council, members of the AASA Executive Committee, and presidents and secretaries of state associations of school administrators. In addition, "The School Administrator" shall carry an announcement that nominations are being accepted and that any person desiring to nominate a candidate may receive materials for such nomination by contacting AASA headquarters http://www.aasa.org
  • All nominations shall be made on a form provided by AASA and no more than two pages of additional data may be submitted with the nomination. No publications or additional testimonials will be accepted.
  • All nominations shall have been received at AASA headquarters no later than September 15th. All late entries shall be rejected and returned to the person entering such nomination.
  • The selection of awardees annually shall include at least one person who is not or has not been a superintendent of schools if such an individual is nominated and otherwise qualifies, and at least one person who retired as an active superintendent of schools.
  • Of all nominations received, the judges shall prepare a list of the top ten nominees in rank order.
  • The number of awards shall be limited to five (5) annually, except as hereinafter noted.
  • For any reason, the Executive Committee, by majority vote, shall be able to waive any guideline or criteria and select not more than two additional awardees.
  • Awardees shall be required to be present to receive the award unless some disabling situation or other unusual circumstance as determined by the Executive Director precludes such attendance.
  • The nominations shall be judged by a special committee appointed by the president. Such committee shall submit its recommendation to the Executive Committee in order for action to be taken as early as November in the year prior to the granting of the award.

The Award

  •  The award will be made at the AASA National Convention.
  •  The recipient will be presented with an individual plaque and certificate.
  •  A news release will be distributed to pertinent media in the coverage area of the recipient.