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MASA/MASE 2017-2018 Calendar (as of April 24, 2017)

The Minnesota Association of School Administrators (MASA) is a private nonprofit member service organization representing more than 900 educational administrators throughout Minnesota. Our members include school superintendents, masa logo directors of special education, curriculum and technology leaders, central office administrators, and higher education administrators and professors. In addition to our active members, MASA also serves over 250 retirees.


MASA membership supports excellence in professional practice, enhances your leadership network, and provides members with a variety of valuable benefits. Our services include professional learning opportunities, legal assistance, mentoring, legislative advocacy, and association communications. Our staff of experienced, skilled and dedicated individuals serve as a resource to our members.

MASA is a state affiliate of the American Association of School Administrators (AASA). Our organizations work collectively on educational issues of national importance.


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Mission Statement /Bylaws


2015-2017 Strategic Plan


Association Leaders


As advocates of a world-class education for Minnesota’s children, MASA’s members serve as the leading voice for public education, shape and influence the State and Federal education agenda, and empower leaders through high quality professional learning, services and support. 


Statement of Beliefs: a formal expression of the Organization’s fundamental values, deep and abiding convictions, non-negotiable ethical principles and moral imperatives.






MASA Standing Committees


MN AASA Governing Board

Gary M. Amoroso, Ph.D., Executive Director 

Email: gamoroso@mnasa.org
Direct Line: 651-645-6869
Cell Phone: 651-319-1211


Dr. Gary M. Amoroso has been serving as MASA’s Executive Director since 2011. Per the direction of the MASA Board of Directors, he has worked to expand partnerships with organizations within the education arena as well those outside of education to create new partnerships which serve to benefit the children of Minnesota.  Under Dr. Amoroso’s leadership, MASA adopted a strategic plan in 2011 that truly articulates the future direction of the organization. The strategic plan was updated in 2014 and continues to serve as the guide for the areas of emphasis for MASA staff and members.

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Mia Urick, Director of Professional Learning
Email: urickm@mnasa.org
Direct Line: 651-645-7231

Mia Urick leads communication and professional learning initiatives for MASA, MASE (Minnesota Administrators for Special Education), and CLM (Curriculum Leaders of Minnesota).

She provides leadership for the staff and 
facilitates several member committees.


Associate for Accounting
and Events

Stephanie Kastanos
Email: schaefe@mnasa.org

Direct Line: 651-251-0314


Associate for Leadership Support
and Communications

Dave Christians
Email: dchristians@mnasa.org
Direct Line: 651-789-4061


Associate for Leadership Support,
Website and Jobsite

Jeanna Vohnoutka
Direct Line: 651-789-4062


Associate Membership and
Data Management

Deb Larson
Email: members@mnasa.org
Direct Line: 651-789-4063


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